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“THE BURNING GOD” by R.F.Kuang Book #3 of “POPPY WAR” trilogy

Disclaimer: Release 11/17/2020. Pre-order is available.

The ARC has been provided by NETGALLEY.COM. Additional resources to receive advanced reader copies and early releases is added under “Resources” tab on the website.

SCORE: 9.4

Writing/Language: 8.5 / my personal issue with using slur /

Historical Representation: 9 / deep research is conducted on the topic/

Character building: 9.7

Plot: 10 / fast-paced/

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The brilliant finale of astonishing trilogy of “Poppy War”. Historical fiction based on the events of events of Second Sino-Japanese War in the middle of 20th century. The author is a student and researcher of Chinese history and that is perfectly represented in her debut novel. Reviews for first book of trilogy “The Poppy War” and the second part ” The Dragon Republic” are presented separately.

Author interview:


The story of very flawed, emotional and not yet mature protagonist Rin is getting climax in the finale of series. From very first book we are captivated by very diverse and not mature and crystalized characters, page-turning story, so fast at some points we are unable to get with the pace events, however the character building of Rin, all the situation the author put her in to present the process of formation of personality.

From book to book we were following events building up the characters of protagonists.

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